Here are a couple of sites I’ve enjoyed recently that you might not have seen:

Homemade noize, a growing collection of DIY projects and software plugins, mostly aimed at amateur recording enthusiasts.

And Spinmeister’s Extreme Mixer (eMXR) site, which focuses on online collaboration and remixing. From the site:

Long held business models for recorded music are crumbling not only because of file sharing, but also because of the increasing supply of free or inexpensive music of excellent quality created in homes rather than recording studios. Long held country specific IP (intellectual property) and licensing models are made obsolete by the global reach of the Internet for music makers and consumers alike.

On that topic, here’s a chilling little anecdote from Seth Godin’s blog about
choosing music in a world with limitless supply

It’s almost impossible to buy music with no frame of reference. There were no hits, no recommendations, no “if you like x, you’ll like y”. I realized that the time it would take to decide if I liked an album was probably worth more than the $3 it would cost to buy one–in other words, not even worth it for ‘free.’

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