Drumtrig drum sample replacer pluginStorm Recording Studio has disappeared off the internet, taking with it the only source of drum sample replacer Drumtrig.

I mentioned Drumtrig in the list of drum replacer plugins. It’s a free, dressed-down alternative to Drumagog: Only one sample per track, but incredibly easy to use.

As with the similarly-fated Paris EQ, I saved the install file:

Here’s a brief description of the plugin from Storm’s old site:

By using this plugin on single drum tracks like Snare or Kick you can replace the sound with any sample (.WAV file) you like. Great if you’ve tried everything to salvage a poorly recorded drum sound and got nowhere!

If you like this plugin but fancy something a bit more sophisticated, have a look at Drumagog. It’s not free but it has a lot more features.

And there’s a copy of the Storm Recording website on archive.org with some more information. (Note that the plugin is Windows-only.)

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