Some weeks, I can’t get enough Bob Lefsetz. Here are his thoughts on why CD sales are tanking, and what we should do about it:

4. Embrace The Indie Stores – They survive, they’re loyal. Boost them because that’s where acts develop. I think the CD is dying a quick death, but until it does, play with these guys, not Best Buy. Hell, Best Buy DEVALUED music. Do you buy a Lexus at 7-11? Do you buy Cartier at Costco? Why should someone think the act is worth anything if it’s whored out all over TV like some commercial product, and sold with no atmosphere at the big box retailer.

If he’s wrong, then 10 Simple Ways To Increase Sales at Amazon could come in handy:

Get involved in the discussion – many titles now include a beta feature called “Customer Discussions.” Be sure to find that link on your book’s page and monitor it so that you can answer any questions readers or potential readers may have. If there is no discussion started on your book – start one!

It’s targeted at book authors, but the advice applies to CD sales too. And it may be relevant: You may not realize it, but if you have a CD for sale through CD Baby, you should also be listed on Amazon.