The Toast of MySpace Tries the Music Business
Tila Tequila, born Tila Nguyen, became famous last year for having the most friends — currently about 1.7 million — on… She is now trying to break into the mainstream music industry. Her single “I Love U,” which was produced by the rapper Lil Jon, will be released on iTunes

Record labels lose out as bands become brands
Although sales of CDs are falling sharply, British artists are riding the crest of a creative wave – live music has never been more popular, festivals are selling out in record time and brands are paying millions to associate themselves with up and coming acts. It is a new music marketplace where the artist’s brand is becoming as valuable as their recorded output.

Advertising to the File-Sharing Crowd
Marketing departments at major record labels have quietly discussed the potential of marketing to peer-to-peer audiences for years, Garland says. After all, at any given moment, big file-sharing networks such as Gnutella, eDonkey, and FastTrack often have a million people on them searching for record label content.