Here are some pages open in my browser that I haven’t had a chance to write up:

  • Backman is a free VST (Windows only) plugin that “Reverses incoming audio signal in sync (it will follow host BPM)… especially useful on live gigs to make that ‘back spin’ effect.
  • Grammys exclude popular independent artists.

    Yet there is no part of me that can really believe that these awards didn’t have something to do with an agenda, political or otherwise. If the Dixie Chicks were the cream of the crop – the absolute pinnacle of music – for 2006, then it’s no wonder that record sales are stalling.

  • Findsounds is a straight forward search engine for finding sound files (as opposed to music files) on the web. It’s a great tool if you need sound effects, like a chorus of squirrels, for a song.
  • Brad (of Brad Sucks) developed an online store for selling DRM-free files, and he’s offering the code for everyone’s use (though you’ll need an Amazon S3 account, and a Paypal account:)

    I needed a cheap, DRM-free digital download store so I wrote this quickly over a few days. Then I thought it’d be useful for other artists. It was created to sell music but any files will work. Authors, photographers and artists could use it as well.

  • Walls of Sound: Investigating the greatest recording studios in the world to find out what gives certain studios a magical aura.
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