A poster on Gearslutz asked the pros to share demos of hit songs. The Killers demo (on page 2) is a study in the role played by a great producer.

a VERY VERY old demo of the Matchbox Twenty song “3 AM”. This was recorded around ’93-94 and is from the Tabitha Secret days, which was the name of the band Rob, Paul and Brian were in before they started Matchbox Twenty.

Some thoughts on mixing for radio, a situation I hope we all find ourselves in someday:

Also, remember that since the track will be so compressed, it’ll bring out your background stuff (reverb, FX, you name it). So you may mix a little dry for that situation.

The more systems on which you listen to a mix, the more confident you’ll be that the mix translates well. So just how many ways are there to check a mix for compatibility?

I SO walk to out of the room to check what mixes sound like. When you realize that most listening is done from everywhere but the sweet spot, it only makes sense to me.

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