Some thoughts on double-tracking vocals for a better vocal sound:

Also, there is a whole LOT of room between center and hard pan. Many a hit has had vocals panned just to one side of center or another – perhaps 30% or so – in order to balance a call and response with a guitar or horn section or backgroud vocals that were about the same distance to the other side. Or how about vocal duets? Do you want them both up the middle? Perhaps, but often not.

How to care for a tube mic:

When not in use, keep it in a tightly sealed case with silica inside the case, and keep the case itself in a dry consistantly cool room (if you are comfortable in the room, so will the mic be).

Often, the bass and vocals fight for the same space in a mix. This thread on has thoughts on finding a balance between bass and vocals:

I’m very surprised that no one else seems to be a proponent of ducking the bass… It’s almost magical to my ears.. I’ve stuggled with the problem deonoted by the thread’s tittle for years and ducking the bass is the most efficient and least harmful (to the original tone delivery that I have came across..

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