MicrophoneFocus on noise: Even if you record digitally, electrical equipment in your room can cause interference in your analog gear. 3 common sources of noise: Lights, mobile phones, and monitors. Try recording a track normally, then re-record with your lights and phones and monitors turned off. If there’s a difference, you’ve got noise to eliminate.

A second vocal mic adds possibilities at mix time: Add a second microphone to your vocal recordings, one that audibly differs from your main vocal mic. For example, if you normally use a large condenser mic for vocals, add a small dynamic mic, like an SM57. Place the second mic as close as you can to the main mic, so both record the same sound

This second mic can be used to colour your vocal. For example, you can heavily compress the sound of this mic while leaving the main mic untreated. Or try switching between each mic throughout the song, perhaps to get a different vocal sound in the choruses.

Everyone can have good ideas: Even drummers.

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