Music biz hopes to profit from consumer content
Rather than just suing YouTube and its ilk for how their sites are used, the music industry can now profit from them, not to mention reap the promotional benefits.

Musical mash-ups, once fought by record labels, are going mainstream
Some record companies are moving from suing mash-up artists to offering their own “official” mixes. And simple software is making homegrown mash-ups easier than ever to create and circulate via the Internet.

Music industry may do more with mp3
Because consumers can potentially make unlimited copies of MP3 songs, the major record labels have seen the format as a threat to their business. But instead of continuing a battle that many think the industry is losing, some analysts think the labels are about to embrace the technology and figure out how to make money off of it.

Music of the Hemispheres
The subtlest reason that pop music is so flavorful to our brains is that it relies so strongly on timbre. Timbre is a peculiar blend of tones in any sound; it is why a tuba sounds so different from a flute even when they are playing the same melody in the same key. Popular performers or groups, Dr. Levitin argued, are pleasing not because of any particular virtuosity, but because they create an overall timbre that remains consistent from song to song.