Music labels have to prove sharing
With today’s ruling, it appears that the record labels will have to demonstrate that someone actually infringed on their copyrights by downloading music from Lindor’s computer. That’s a step beyond the RIAA’s argument that making files available for download constitutes infringement.

Beatlemaniacs publish books on their own
Now, if mainstream publishers reject their work as too specialized, even the most Beatles-obsessed authors are finding audiences for their books by publishing them themselves. But don’t even think the phrase “vanity press.” Many of these self-published books are lavishly produced and packed with original research that makes them invaluable to Beatles scholars

American PTA Seeks Ban on 1970s Porn Music Composer
Angry American parents of high school, and some middle-school, students hope to take a 10-million-name petition to the United States Congress in an attempt to ban a music-download website which sells the music of the iconic German porn composer, Klaus Harmony.

(Here’s Klaus Harmony’s Myspace page. Chicka-chicka-wow.)

Free Music Next Year?
SpiralFrog […] drew attention in August, when it announced plans to distribute music downloads from Vivendi’s Universal Music Group for free, via an ad-supported Website.