Recording harmonica:

i’ve also had decent results with the harmonica player playing straight into an sm58/vocal mic, and driving (overdriving?) the preamp a little/lot. it’s an entirely different sound–more immediate and “direct” sounding (and can get brittle if you don’t watch out)……but one that may work depending on what the song/production calls for.

Some thoughts on recording acoustic guitar:

Vertical X-Y (SDC’s) about 1-1.5′ away (around the neck joint) to get the bulk, and maybe a LDC around the lower quarter of the soundboard.

Here’s a neat idea: Use a digital camera to capture your gear settings for easy recall later:

I’ve always seen mastering engineers complaining about the time they have to spend writing the settings of their outboard gears for recall purposes. Did any of you guys think about using a digital camera to take pictures of your gears and save them in the same project folder. That way, you should be able to recall the settings by looking at these pictures.