Ticketmaster Invests in Music Site
Ticketmaster hopes to use links to iLike.com to help ticket buyers learn about new music, while iLike hopes Ticketmaster can help its users find out about scheduled concerts.

Record Labels Finally Sue Allofmp3.com
It will be interesting to see how this lawsuit turns out — as it was filed in New York, and Allofmp3 is a Russian company, meaning the laws in the US are pretty much meaningless to it.

Amazon set to flood digital music market
Already the internet’s number one destination for physical music sales, the most shocking thing about the news is that it has taken them so long. One explanation being touted is that Amazon will launch DRM-free, which will have required delicate and drawn out negotiations with nervous major record labels.

Fresh Sectors, Industries Power New Music Business
… music is now generating huge profits for a number of previously unrelated industries like mobile communications, part of a quickly-changing landscape. As digital assets grow, major labels have been feeling the pinch