Music Labels Smell Money in Second Life
Sony BMG has cast the longest musical shadow in the virtual world so far, purchasing an island in Second Life called Sony Music Media Island, where residents can listen to music and watch music videos.

Music lovers mourn ‘whole universe’ of jazz history destroyed in Katrina
These deeply personal troves disintegrated in the flooding that followed Katrina. From the rare historic instruments that clarinet star Dr. Michael White stashed in his bedroom closet to the career memorabilia that Fats Domino stored throughout his home, the material floated away, forever beyond the reach of scholars and historians.

New Report Blames The BBC For Music Industry Losses
Rather than taking advantage of the rich UK music scene, the BBC has been manufacturing pop bands and bland elevator music (what Dodge refers to as the BBC’s “own version of music reality shows”) and sticking that on the airwaves

Music industry bouncing back with ringtone sales
Despite the average price of $2.49 for a ringtone, which is only a portion of a song, the ringtone market has increased drastically within the past year, outselling full-length song downloads that are $0.99 on legal downloading stores such as iTunes.