Apple gains control of critical digital download patent
With this patent in hand, Apple will eventually be after every phone company, film maker, computer maker and video producer to pay royalties on every download of not just music but also movies and videos

‘Before the Music Dies’ Diagnoses an Ailing Industry
In fact, the business model that once used profits from big, popular acts to support the development of new and lesser acts has broken down. In one American industry after another, from radio to records to books to retailing, the financial foundation for developing the next wave of talent has collapsed.

Downloads to lift music industry
A new report from Verdict Research predicts that the download market will grow from £112m to almost £500m by 2011.

Zune, Creative Commons Don’t Mix
An increasing number of musicians are releasing their work into the public domain under an innovative and radical new copyright scheme known as Creative Commons. Some of these people are now questioning whether the Zune’s blanket hardwired sharing limitations — a compromise hammered out to appease the record labels — should be applied to their content.

Zune means zilch for artists
Although this pattern of not paying artists for digital music sales is dreadful, the chances of artists seeing anything from the royalty placed on Zune is even worse. There is nothing in the standard recording agreement that says the labels must share income derived from licensing digital devices.

And the Hyperbole Special:

RIAA wants the Internet shut down
The RIAA argued that by merely making files available on the Internet Barker was making a copyright infringement.