Some treatment ideas for a mono overhead drum kit mic:

I drive it hard at the preamp ( I usually use an old Trident Preamp for this) and then Nuke it with a Distressor. It all depends on the feel of each individual song as to how much if any of it gets used in this Mix.

How to record a cymbal basher:

Angle the cymbals more so his hits are more of a glancing strike rather than a direct hit. A cloud suspended over the drums can help to diffuse some of the cymbals but it wont solve all the problems. Moving overhead mics out farther or higher may help a little.

And a related thread on dealing with cymbal bleed in other mics:

1. change the cymbals to lighter ones
2. change his sticks to thinner ones
3. raise/move the cymbals so that he has to reach for them–if he has to reach for them, he won’t be able to bash away comfortably, which typically leads to more controlled cymbal playing.
4. move the overheads so they don’t pick up as much cymbals
5. use mics with better rejection (or better sounding bleed) for your close mics.