Some details on the recording of Ryan Adams’ album Rock And Roll.

Candiloro used Neumann U47s on all vocals … For guitars, Candiloro “always settles” on two Shure SM57s, positioned on the amp “right where the cone and paper meet.” For bass, the L.A.-based engineer miked an Ampeg B15 cabinet with a Sennheiser 421. Drums were miked with a combination of an AKG D112 (kick), an SM57 (snare), AKG 414s (toms), Neumann KM84s (overheads) and various Coles ribbon mics. “They suck a bunch of great stuff out of the drum kit,” he says of the Coles. “I also had a [Shure] 58 going through a Distressor loose in the room. That was featured on some tracks just as a gnarly rock sound.”

Depending on how you feel about the album, these will either be great tips, or pitfalls to avoid.

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