SSL ConsoleWhat are some reasons that a mix collapses when summed to mono?

It sounds like you are not switching back and forth often enough. Don’t wait until you are committed to a balance to check mono. Make it an every-five-minute-auto button-push thing. After a while, you will get the hang of it.

Things to watch for when hiring an an online mixing company:

No names, no numbers, and no references. Any “studio” that does not say who actually pilots the sessions, does not give any way to contact them other than a general delivery e-mail – i.e. is totally anonymous – and does not offer up any references whatsoever is on the same level as any plumber, car mechanic, dentist or lawyer operating under the same conditions.

Would you hire any of those services anonymously and without references?

How do I get my mix to sound good in ALL systems?

but I almsot always mix loud on the main monitors or very loud on the bookshelves if the bigs are not useable. I PARTICULARLY ride solos or make big level changes while listening loud. And I don’t believe in making sounds small… I like every sound as full range as possible. The secret of a good mix, in my view, isn’t in the techniques and tricks… it’s in being able to tell what you’re listening to and then BALANCING everything.