BeerSome quick recording links for a Friday night:

  • What the Experts Say About Recording. 3 pros discuss some of their studio techniques.

    On recording vocals: “It’s a big mistake letting the singer record their own vocals. They’re not the best judge of their own voice. They’ll think they sound bad, when everyone else is saying, ‘That’s the take! That’s the take!’

  • How to avoid useless purchases when shopping for gear. I’m sure you’ve had experiences like this (for example, on every other visit to Long & McQuade …): “If your sales rep cannot give a clear, quick and concise reason why you need the gear in question, they may not know the product any better than you do, they may not believe in the product, or they may and just want to make a sale.
  • And finally, Perfect iTunes EQ settings doesn’t have much to do with home recording, but you might still find it useful for two reasons: 1) The breakdown of each frequency range and its purpose, and 2) the realization that you can work hard to balance the spectrum in your track, but sometimes your listeners are going to mess it up all on their own.
  • Cheers!

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