It’s Vista Launch Day, and Create Digital Music has the shortlist of music software with full Vista compatibility.
I certainly would not make Vista my primary system at this point, but a dual-boot might be very feasible (and will probably remain the best option for some time). We’ll track compatibility here; I expect to have a permanent page up soon so you can track your stuff and upgrade when it’s ready.

The Rise of the Song
You’ve got to spend only a short time online to realize that songs, not albums, are the principal medium of exchange on the Internet. Every time someone buys a portable digital-music player (and 1 in 3 music buyers owned one last year, up from 1 in 4 in 2005), that person has one less reason to buy CDs. What’s less clear is how this is reshaping our ideas about popular music, and what, if anything, may replace the conventional album — or the conventional single, for that matter.

Quantegy Says Goodbye to Magnetic Tape Lines
We have to face the current role that tape plays in the industry …