An user gives a detailed description of his vocal “sweetening” technique, complete with examples:

So, what is this “effect”? Simply, it is a stereo effect that pitch shifts one channel up 12 cents, and pitch shifts the other other channel down 12 cents, then uses a delay of about 25ms. The effect, again, is very much like a chorus, but not quite as obvious.

Here’s an interesting discussion between many of the regulars about the limits and possibilities in the mastering process.

I have tried isolating the problem freqs using two seperate [Multie Band Compression] plugs as well as multi-level compressor plug. The problem is not one of needed expansion or compression, however. The results with these is really pretty similar as it is with the EQs (yes I tried other EQs than the ones listed); I can only remove the unpleasantness by removing the sound.

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