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London recording studios of the 1960’s

These two videos (15 minutes in total) are excerpted from a fascinating documentary about the recording studios in London during the 1960s, including Decca and Abbey Road. Most of us take multi-track recording for granted. But as noted in the video, until the early 1960’s “musicians had to be note perfect” once the tape rolled. […]

Quick Links

Here are a couple of sites I’ve enjoyed recently that you might not have seen: Homemade noize, a growing collection of DIY projects and software plugins, mostly aimed at amateur recording enthusiasts. And Spinmeister’s Extreme Mixer (eMXR) site, which focuses on online collaboration and remixing. From the site: Long held business models for recorded music […]

Home studio acoustics

Home Studio Bootcamp in this month’s EQ magazine has some great tips on improving your home studio’s acoustics (or at least making the best of the existing sound.) … for the truly broke, a rug on the floor, a bookcase on the wall, or even a strategically placed sofa between the source and the walls […]

Link dump

Here are some pages open in my browser that I haven’t had a chance to write up: Backman is a free VST (Windows only) plugin that “Reverses incoming audio signal in sync (it will follow host BPM)… especially useful on live gigs to make that ‘back spin’ effect.“ Grammys exclude popular independent artists. Yet there […]

News Digest

Basements Become Recording Studios But advances in computer equipment have made it easier to set up a high-quality music studio with a relatively small budget — for teenagers with a couple of guitars and a drum set as well as entrepreneurs with professional aspirations. World’s first 1 terabyte drive Hitachi’s storage division has unveiled what […]

Quick Home Studio Monitor Tests

I keep a collection of audio samples designed to help check my monitor setup. Test tones, essentially, that I use after I’ve moved my speakers or desk, to ensure the speakers still behave as they should. I’ve included 4 of the samples below, and I hope you find them useful – and possibly enlightening. Each […]

Industry news

The future of online music sales A new report from the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) concludes that music CD sales fell a whopping 35% in the first quarter of 2007. That is a staggering decline. But what should be more alarming to CRIA is that online sales of digital music, which account for just […]

Distortion and tape saturation for better mixes

Digital equipment simplifies most aspects of recording, yet high profile studios still work in analog, often recording to magnetic tape. Why stick with the older, more expensive technology (especially with the panic over Quantegy’s decision to stop making tape?) Ethan Winer offers some thoughts on the matter in his article Gaining an Edge with Subtle […]

Portable vocal booth

Unless your recording room is acoustically treated, you probably capture “room sound” in your recordings. This isn’t necessarily bad: Some rooms have a great ambience which adds natural depth to a mix. But the room sound in smaller spaces, like most bedroom and basement project studios, usually hurts rather helps a track. Ethan Winer outlines […]

Web Forum Digest – Other people’s gear

One thing unites engineers of all skills and backgrounds: The need to show off our gear. Here are some threads from gearslutz and with pictures of: studios drum setups miked guitar cabs It’s pure studioporn, but you’ll probably see some things that make your 2 mics and 4-track look like Abbey Road. Previously: Home […]