The Site
Hometracked serves the music world’s indie engineers: Independent musicians who record, produce, and promote their own work.

The web abounds in knowledge for recording hobbyists (and professionals,) from communities of sound production enthusiasts, like to industry periodicals like Mix Magazine. But for many, the volume of free information is as much curse as blessing.

Hometracked is a home recording weblog, filtering the mess of information for good stuff (check out the most popular pages,) with a focus on the techniques and tips you need to make and market great music. Even if you record in a bedroom.

The Editor
Hometracked is maintained by Des McKinney, a recording engineer and producer in Toronto. Des has an album, Waking Up In August and a web site full of songs. He’s also 1/6th of Gert.

If you’d like to contact Des with news, comments, or suggestions, email des @ hometracked . com, or use the contact form below